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Over the last five years, Brenda Kramer has been educating federal student loan borrowers on how debt repayment works and evaluating various repayment plans by the Department of Education. She has assisted hundreds of people in saving thousands of dollars in interest payments, helping them work to achieve loan forgiveness.

Brenda focuses on relieving borrowers of the anxiety and stress they may experience when dealing with the Department of Education and its services. She is passionate about helping borrowers reach their financial goals.

As a former primary and secondary education professional for over 20 years, Keisha Napue has evolved from serving those entering the education system to college graduates facing the challenges of comprehending the maze of student loan repayment. As a student loan borrower achieving loan forgiveness herself, Keisha has a personal investment in assisting others accomplish the same feat she did.

Keisha has been instrumental in supporting countless borrowers’ clarity on a multitude of repayment options, student loan forgiveness programs, and attaining forgiveness in those programs. With an extensive professional background employed in several arenas for both the federal and private sectors, Keisha is most proud of her knowledge, skills, and ability to transform lives by empowering borrowers with an “educational toolbox” to succeed in student loan repayment and forgiveness.