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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Initial Consultation?

First, we educate you on the Federal Repayment Process. We then determine, based on your specific circumstances if you are in the best repayment plan, if not, we will show you your options so YOU can make the best decision on your loan repayment plan.

How does Loan Forgiveness Work?

The Income Driven Repayment Plans from the Department of Education offers the opportunity to lower your payments, and, if there is a balance at the end of the term of the loan, forgiveness is guaranteed.

Do you refinance the loans?

No, your loans remain with the Federal Department of Education, we just help to determine which repayment plan offers you the lowest payment and highest possible forgiveness.

Why use a professional and not let my servicer help me?

Would you go to the IRS to do your taxes – probably not because it is their goal to get the most money possible. The servicers work for the Department of Education, not you.

We work for you. Our expertise to make ensures your payment is affordable based on your true income, and helps you achieve the highest possible forgiveness available.

How can I find out if I Qualify?

Schedule an appointment.

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