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Helping You Understand Student Loan Repayment Plans

Discover the best way to manage your student loan repayment with the help of FSLRA. Our knowledgeable advisors will help you understand various student loan repayment plans and how they can work for your situation. Over the years, we have provided expert guidance to many people by evaluating repayment programs by the Department of Education. Through our services, our clients have saved thousands of dollars in interest payments and achieved loan forgiveness.

  • Educate the borrower how repayment works.
  • Evaluate Cost of Current Loan Repayment Plan.
    (Many Borrowers are in the wrong repayment Plan)
  • Determine the repayment option that offers the lowest payment with forgiveness options.
  • Ascertain the lowest income options to submit.
Real Cases, Real Savings Public Service Loan Forgiveness

In addition to lowering her payment we were able to complete her Public Service Loan Forgiveness application and her loans were completely forgiven in 2022.

Real Cases, Real Savings Parent Plus Loans

Through our process we were able to get his loans qualified for the LOWEST repayment option.

Real Cases, Real Savings Filling Joint Tax Return

Using the Rules and Regulations under the Income Driven Repayment Plan we were able to base her payment solely on her income alone!

Understanding Student Loan Repayment Plans

This is an example of how payment amounts vary under the different programs! Why would you pay an amount that could double the interest?

Personalized Services

We treat each of our clients with the compassion and respect and attention  they deserve.  Our clients have access to their accounts on our client portal showing them where they are in the process!